NSP Blue SUP – 10’0″

NSP Blue SUP - 10'0"

The NSP SUP series has the perfect first board to enjoy the exciting sport of Stand-Up Paddling. Developed for cruising, cross-training, and small waves, it's generous shapes accommodates all levels. Constructed with super-durable, NSP E2 epoxy, the NSP boards offer hours of trouble free fun and are

Choosing the right board for your first SUP experience is the difference between having a good time and a hard time.

The 10'0" NSP is designed for surf style SUP riding. The aggressive 10'0" surprises even experienced surfers with it's off the bottom drive and effortless acceleration. The 10'0" cut's back tight for it's length and is sensitive to the riders input. The 10'0" is equally at home as a flat-water paddler for lighter weights and children learning to paddle. Complete with tip to tail deck pad this board is exceptional value.

Length: 10'0" Width: 29" Thickness: 4" Volume: 143 ltr Fins: 9" Center FCS M3 Sides Approximate Weight Range: 75kg / 165lb or less

Price: $924.10

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