NSP Elements SUP – 11’0″

NSP Elements SUP - 10'6"

The 11'0" NSP Elements SUP is the perfect versatile SUP for anyone up to 95kg/200lbs. This board does it all well. The 11'0" is very stable, durable and light. For cross training SUP paddlers finding their way into the surf, this board is gaining a lot of popularity. The glide and stability that make it good for working out and exploring your local lake, also give it effortless wave catching ability for novice SUP surfers. Approximate board weight: 13kg/28.7lbs

NSP Elements SUP boards are constructed from secure cell, fully fused EPS foam that's laminated and vacuum molded with a combination of high grade fiberglass and epoxy resin.  A durable polyurethane coating is integrated within the mould and then completed with a performance hybrid finish.

Length: 11'0" Width: 31" Thickness: 4-1/4" Volume: 190 ltr Fins: NSP 9"/FCS M3 Approximate Weight Range: Ideal for all weights

Price: $889.00

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