7S Super Fish II PE Surfboard – 6’8″

The Super Fish II has been updated, making one of our most popular boards even better. The idea behind the Super Fish design is to offer a board that rides, paddles and catches waves easily regardless of your ability.

The generous outline and smooth rocker makes this board incredibly easy to ride. One of the most notable features of the Super Fish design is the step deck. This gives the board greater buoyancy while maintaining a performance rail profile making the board sensitive and easier to turn.

The new bottom contour features a deep single-to-double concave providing greater speed and acceleration. The tail wings are now more defined creating bite off the bottom and quicker release through turns. The swallowtail has been reinforced with extra fibreglass and is now shallower than before. This adds surface area under your back foot meaning more speed in flatter waves.

FCS plugs are set up in a tri-quad configuration so you can ride it as a thruster or a quad, and our new PE technology combines a polyurethane core with epoxy resin to offer a light and lively board with incredible memory flex.

If you’re looking for a high volume, easy to ride surfboard that’ll increase your wave count then the Super Fish II is the board for you.

Technology: PE Construction
Bottom: Single Double Concave
Rail: Step
Wave Height: 1-6ft Waves
Surfer Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: $565.00