Klimax Funboard model: CHAN-CHAN

This shape has an intermediate design between the hybrid fish retro and modern surfboards. The " Double Wing " makes the tail area to slim down rapidly, making the surfboard to be maneuverable and stable at the same time in the hollow sections of the wave . This model is a good choice for beginners,intermediate and advanced , giving very good stability, paddling and excellent maneuverability for small, medium O-head + waves. Available from 6 ' 0 "to 7 ' 4" swallow , tail round and squash. All the Klimax surfboards are custom hand shaped for our waves here in the Great lakes and anywhere in the world you want to surf! A sick Funboard made to last without ever compromising performance by using the latest materials in the market. ECB epoxy and PU, available in Futures, FCS II & Fusion fin system.

What's ECB Epoxy construction?

The ECB Epoxy is a material called EPS foam (Expanded Polystyrene ) compared to PU, This foam gives more floating to the surfer who's looking for an extra volume to compensate the gear, weaker surf conditions or weight, as it is less dense and therefore contains more air . Surfboards made with the ECB technology are very light and laminated with epoxy resin, which makes them super strong, resilient and flexible, a white color surfboard last 3X longer than any PU in the market. These features allow the surfer to use specs smaller in thickness and surf shorter boards that will work insane on small, medium to O-head +waves at any conditions.



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