WW 8’0 Bamboo High Performance Longboard


Simply a classic! Every surfer has enjoyed a wave on a long board at least once. The BAMB8 is designed for the maximum enjoyment of all, big and small, novice or expert. Its majestic 8 feet are delicately distributed to let you surf in “slow motion”. Perfect for those who want to try surfing for the first time and for those who enjoy slower surfing. Its got a adjustable fin system – it can be set in two settings – single fin, or tri-fin. The single 7.5” fin has an adjustable track that lets you set it closer of farther from the tail which helps you turn more or less aggressively. You can also use it as a tri-fin for more control. Its really fun and it is beautiful – a true piece of work.

Our boards include a professionally applied Grip and a set of FCS fins so that you can go right in the water.

Designed for...
Experience Level: Every level – from fist-timer to pro.
Optimal Conditions: Waves no higher than 5’.

Price: $559.99