NSP Coco Mat Funboard

Like the name suggests NSP Coco Mat Funboards are designed to make surfing easy and provide endless hours of fun and enjoyment in the ocean. These boards are modelled off traditional longboards and feature a full nose, rounded pintail, and a generous well-balanced outline that’s both stable and responsive in a variety of surf conditions. The smooth relaxed rocker on the NSP Coco Mat Funboard range features a little extra flip in the nose allowing you to paddle into waves with ease and confidently drop down the face without fear of nose diving. The vee bottom has been designed to maxamize speed while allowing the board to turn and transition from rail-to-rail with minimal effort. Boxy-full rails also add to the overall forgiveness of these boards. NSP Coco Mat Funboards are constructed using a unique patented technology that combines natural coconut husk fibers and epoxy to produce a board that’s incredibly lightweight and extremely durable. These boards are fast, forgiving and have plenty of volume making them perfect for travellers and novice surfers as they become more confident in their ability. NSP Coco Mat Funboards come in a range of sizes and includes fins and a leash.

COCO MAT TECHNOLOGY Coco Mat technology integrates natural random discontinuous coconut fibers into an exclusive lamination construction method to create a surfboard with amazing performance and unparalleled strength to weight ratio. After hundreds of hours surfing, as well as controlled laboratory testing, Coco Mat construction has proven to produce the lightest and strongest surfboards on the market today.

The natural coconut fibers used to make Coco Mat surfboards are readily available, need minimal processing and come from self-sustaining crops located near our manufacturing facility. For these reasons the NSP brand is proudly championing the new Coco Mat technology which offers a responsive, fluid ride with great flex characteristics, and an aesthetic that is not only original, but organically beautiful. (Coco Mat technology is Patent Pending)

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