Stewart Fartknocker Shortboard – 6’0″

Stewart Fartknocker Shortboard

This small wave mush killer is more fun than Christmas!

The Fartknocker maximizes planing efficiency in slow, mushy surf with its huge single concave nose tied into a double concave super wide tail. Super flat rocker is popped in the nose and tail, with S-Rails that start half way up the board.

Originally developed over 20 years ago, the Stewart S-Rails step down to reduce rail volume for bite while maintaining thickness in the middle for floatation and easy paddling. This fun little board goes so fast on dead water you can build plenty of speed to bust aerial tricks.

A perfect first board for a kid, the Fartknocker is fun for all ages. Yep, even over 50-year-old rippers get a kid-in-a-candy-store grin with this board.

Length: 6'0"
Width: 21"
Thick: 2-1/2"
Volume: 37.93 litre
Fins: Future 438VII Side/375 Quad Center
Approximate Weight Range: 80kg / 176lb or less

Technology: Polyester – PU Construction
Bottom: Single-Double
Rail: Bevel

Price: $499.99