WW FAV-1 High Performance Shortboard

WW FAV-1 High Performance Shortboard

The FAV1 is a three-fin board that is wider and shorter than your average short board. The FAV1 design is inspired by riders that like to have fun in the water and enjoy the most out of the waves. It runs very freely and easily through the wave. When catching the wave, the FAV1 responds like a board one foot longer – It makes it easier to catch any type of swell.

Its perfect for any kind of day, no matter the swell conditions – if there are waves, you will surf! It’s our favorite board for smaller days. Foam is good for floatability and balance, and that will do wonders for your surfing. Don’t be afraid of it.

All of our boards include a professionally applied Grip and a set of FCS fins so that you can go straight to the water.

If you have any questions about its design, technical specs, or performance in the water please do not hesitate to ask.

Designed for...
Surf Experience Level: All kinds of surfers – from rookie to Pro.
Optimal Swell Conditions: Any type of conditions that are not bigger than overhead. (Approx. 6’ or higher).

Price: $459.00