WW The Islander Shortboard

The Islander from Wave Warrior

The Islander is the go-to board for our Wave Warrior Surf Team because of its quickness, versatility and endurance. Its EPS core and EPOXY resin give it the strength it needs to withstand aggressive maneuvers. Its our fastest board – the chest of the board is flat and its rocker allows you to take the bottom turn swiftly. Once you are on the face of the wave, its squared tail helps you hug the wave as you travel along and provides greater stability.

Unlike other similar short boards, the Islander gets its name from its high floatability – a Wave Warrior signature feature. This is a fun board for pros and rookies. If you want a fast, aggressive board that is easy to catch waves on, the Islander is your choice.

Our boards include a professionally applied Grip and a set of FCS fins so that you can go right in the water.

Designed for...
Experience Level: This board can be used by rookies and experts alike. However, it is most suited for surfers with a good base, which will allow you to start trying more aggressive moves in the water that will carry your surfing to the next level. For experienced surfers this is board is “everything proof” – you can try to pull any move you desire without having to fear breaking or denting your board.
Optimal Conditions: Waves between 3-7 feet.

Price: $459.00